Tempering furnace for steel balls

Steel ball tempering furnace is one special tempering heat treatment furnace, especially for steel balls heat treatment, which can be also used for small and medium-sized welding parts, castings, forgings and other metal products under the natural atmosphere, this kind of special equipment also can be used for other metal materials or products for doing heating and heat preservation.

This type of tempering furnace is matching used with the temperature control cabinet.

This type of steel balls tempering furnace is batch furnace,the furnace can be designed as continuous mesh belt furnace according to the production requirements of customers, the continuous mesh belt furnace combined with rolling mill forms the steel ball production line.

Technical parameters as below:

Items Name Specifications
1 Working sizes of furnace 6000X3000X1500mm
2 Rater power 1000kw
3 Rated voltage 380v
4 Phase 3
5 Rated temperature 650℃
6 Control zones 8区
7 Temperature uniformity ±10℃
8 External temperature of furnace ≤45℃+Room temperature
9 Temperature control precision ≤±1℃
10 Temperature control precision About 5h
11 Temperature control method PID control, programmable controller automatically control
12 Workpiece types Φ140 steel ball
13 Circulation fan 4*7.5kw centrifugal fan

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