Trolley annealing furnace

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Trolley annealing furnace adopts electricity as the fuel to heat the workpieces.The workpieces or materials are carried into and our of the chamber by the trolley,which is controlled by one motor,this kind of trolley furnace is widely for annealing during heat treament process ,after modification ,such furnace be applied in queching process .

Trolley annealing furnace aims to annealing heat treatment for large castings, welding parts.And especially post weld heat treatment(PWHT) for pressure vessel or container .

Type No. Rated Power (Kw) Rated Temperature (℃) Theory loading quantity (Kg) Working area size diameter*length (mm) HEATINGZONE
RT2-65-9 65 950 1000 1100x550x450 1
RT2-180-9 180 950 5000 2100x1050x1400 2
RT2-560-9 560 950 25000 10000x1000x2500 4
RT2-800-9 800 950 30000 5000x4000x450 4
RT2-81-12 81 1200 1000 1100x550x600 1
RT2-210-12 210 1200 5000 2100x1050x750 2
RT2-560-12 560 1200 30000 3200x2000x1500 3



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