Trolley gas annealing furnace

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Trolley gas annealing furnace has been applied in various kinds of annealing process, such as homogenizing annealing and full annealing, incomplete annealing, isothermal annealing, spheroidizing annealing, the recrystallization annealing or intermediate annealing, stress relieving annealing, etc.The trolley gas fired annealing furnace that we produces can meet the requirement of various annealing process, the application of human-computer interaction system on the furnace increases the controllability of the annealing process.The application of high speed burner ensures the temperature increases to the best annealing temperature according to the requirements of workpiece heat treatment.

Trolley gas annealing furnace is mainly applied to various products with large framework,and commonly used for annealing heat treatment of welding parts ,the involved industries :complete body annealing for special car tanks , post weld heat treatment(PWHT) for the vessel or containers, at present ,the exsiting case is one natural gas furnace with sizes 20*4*5m has already been fabricated and pre-installed in our factory and exported to the United states.

TYPE Furnace Theory Loading(T) Burning control method Rated Tep(℃) Working Zone size(mm) Gas consumption(Nm3/h)
RQT-3 3 pulse 1100 2×1.3×1.2 20
RQT-6 6 1100 2.6×1.5×1.4 32
RQT-12 12 1100 3.1×1.7×1.7 60
RQT-20 20 1100 4x2x1.9 120
RQT-30 30 1100 5×2.5×2.3 160
RQT-60 60 1100 6x3x2.8 240
RQT-120 120 1100 8x4x3.5 300
RQT-180 180 1100 8x6x4 380
RQT-230 230 1100 10x5x5 420
RQT-300 300 1100 15×7.5×7.5 600



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